Identifying Causes of Seal Leakage

Carbon dust accumulating on outside of gland plate. Seal leaks Short seal life 1. Faces not flat. 2. Blistered carbon graphite seal face. 3. Thermal distortion of seal faces. 1. Secondary seals nicked or scratched during installation. 2. Over-aged o-rings. 3. Compression set of secondary seals (hard and brittle). 4. Chemical attack (soft and sticky). 1. Spring failure. 2. Erosion damage of ...


This catalog lists Koyo oil seals and O-rings, including all items of ... Mount a split MS-type seal on to the shaft as following procedure:.

Mechanical seal technology and selection

Carbon floating ring seals Brochure 32 Pages (Code: EBES) Maintenance-free, compact cartridge labyrinth seals with long service life and best performance from EagleBurgmann-Espey. For the sealing of gases, dust and vapors in turbines, fans, compressors, centrifuges and mills. Mechanical seals, Magnetic couplings Catalog 150 pages (Code: DMS_MSE) The complete …

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17-202-237-001 DUST SEAL RING SPLIT ASM SG6089 83.007. 17-202-360-001 DUST SEAL WITH O-RING, 1-PC 65/70 SG4265 25.000. 17-202-361-001 DUST ...

Heavy Equipment Seals & O-Rings for sale

Oil Seal Ring Fits Case IH Tractors/Backhoe Models 580M, 580M Ser. 2, 580SM. C .05. C .27 shipping. SPONSORED. 4C4782 (270-1528) Fits Caterpillar O-RING KIT - MADE IN USA. C 9.38 . C .21 shipping. SPONSORED. 40804 PTO Bearing Seal O-Ring Fits Massey Ferguson TO35 35 50 65 135 165 175 265. C .10. C .27 shipping. 55 sold. SPONSORED. 6803472 …

Lip Seals | McMaster-Carr

Split Rotary Shaft Seals. Swap out old seals without disassembling components— these seals come split for easy installation. They're also known as clipper seals. Shaft-Mounted Rotary Seals. Made from Buna-N for excellent resistance to oil and grease. Heavy Duty Shaft-Mounted Rotary Seals. These seals are fluoroelastomer, so they have excellent chemical resistance and …

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What is a Mechanical seal?

The stationary part of the seal is fitted to the pump housing with a static seal –this may be sealed with an o-ring or gasket clamped between the stationary part and the pump housing. (Highlighted in red below, left the stationary part and right the rotary portion) The rotary portion of the seal is sealed onto the shaft usually with an O ring. This sealing point can also be regarded as ...

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Rotary shaft seals

Rotary shaft seal only rubber, split DINA Seal Metal OD Rotary shaft seal for needle bearing applications, without spring DINA Seal Waved OD Rotary shaft seal for needle bearing applications, without spring C64D Rotary shaft seal for heavy industry AS - PX Reinforced sealing lip and special metal insert for overpressure, with additional dust lip A - DUO Twin sealing lips …

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2 W10599 Seal Holder - H Channel, cut to ˛t 1 3 W10547 Kerf Dust Seal - 96 in. length, cut to ˛t 1 4 W10446 Machine Screw - PPH M4x16 6 5 W10447 Flat Washer - M4x12 6 6 W10448 Flat Washer with M4 Threaded Hole 6 W10538 Dust Chute - 27&24 in. Compatible W10594 Dust Chute - 21in. Compatible 8 W10597 Foam Gasket - Dust Chute 1 9 W10539 Cap ...

The Different Types of Seals

2017-10-12 · The seal has a shorter proboscis and a larger body mass than the northern elephant seal. The male measures 14 to 19 feet and 8.5 to 9.8 feet for the females. The seal's breeding colonies are distributed in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. Elephant seals can live on land for long stretches of time unlike other seals, and they can remain dry for some consecutive …


Sweep the surface so that it is dust-free. • Move the split end seal over the carrier pipe (the rubberized side goes to the wall). • Position the end seal ring at the wall and mark the screw holes. Caution: Make sure to mark/note the positioning on the steel ring and the wall to check their conformity later. • Drill holes for the dowels, adapting the drilling depth to the length of the ...

Wiper seals

To prevent these contaminants from entering the cylinder assembly and hydraulic system, wiper seals (also known as scrapers, excluders or dust seals) are ...

6 Different Types of Sealing Ring for Hydraulic Cylinder

5. End cover seal. 6. Piston packing ring. 1. Dust ring. The dust ring is installed on the outside of the end cover of the hydraulic cylinder to prevent external pollutants from entering the cylinder. It can be divided into snap-in dust ring and press-in dust ring according to the installation method. Snap-in dust ring.

Wick Assembly and Seals


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Seal Split Split Seals with groove openings facing bowl Bowl End Seal Springs SECTION 6-2 9. Lubricate split seals and seal inse rts with Petrol Gel, white pet roleum jelly or shortening to help seal and prolong the life of the seals. 10. Reinstall split seals on shaft making sure groove openings face mixer bowl. Guide seal spring into grooves.

Industrial shaft seals

C.2 Metal face seals 282 C.3 V-ring seals 292 C.4 Axial clamp seals 370 Catalogue overview Radial shaft seals 58 Wear sleeves 232 Axial shaft seals 272 Product data – general 14 Product index 406 US Designation index 380 A B C 11


1:1 1 Seal-Dust 1:2 1 Seal-Housing 1:3 1 Ring-BackUp,Metal 1:4 1 Shim-BackUp 1:5 1 Seal-BackUp 1:6 1 Seal-Shaft 1:7 2 Seal-Body 1:8 1 Seal-Endcover 1:9 1 Bearing-Housing,Rear 2 127-5569 1 Nut-Shaft 3 127-5570 1 Key-Shaft Notservicedseparately B4A1 9 3374-247B

Dust Seal - SealQuickSearcher(English)

VALQUA No. Product name, Features. ▷ 2060-DHS(Dynamic application), Dust Seal, Nitrile rubber material is molded into a sealing lip shape with both a ...

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Both O-Ring and Seal Washer are applied to the cooling system, and Cylinder Packing ... Seal Washer; Flexible Coupling; Prop Seal; Scraper Seal; Dust Seal ...

Extruded Rubber D Seal, D Shape & Rubber Gaskets

Elastostar Rubber Corporation manufactures standard and custom size extruded silicone rubber with D-Shape, D-Channel, D-section, D – Seal, and Gaskets extrusions.. We do manufacture a wide variety of shapes with custom color and wall thickness from a variety of different rubber compounds that comply with FDA 21 CFR177 .2600, Platinium cure silicone, NSF STD-51, USP …

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CaseIH Obsolete Old and slow moving parts

1 289889C11 RING AND SEAL ASSY 19.73. 1 29139 BRG CONE WAS R53175 33.00. 1 291981A1 GASKET-OIL PAN 88.00. 1 292950A1 SWITCH WAS 1983233C1 26.00. 1 293143A1 HOSE-WATER PUMP 96.00. 1 293151A1 GASKET-WATER IN/OUT 16.75. 1 …

Sealmasters : Rotary Shaft Seals

This style can accomodate split housings and housing bores where the surface roughness precludes metal to metal contact. Suitable for pressures up to 10 bar. Type ASHP - A high pressure semi-dual rotary shaft seal, incorporating a minor lip for dust /dirt exclusion, or corrosion protection. With a rubber covered outside diameter and rear face, this style can accomodate …

Shaft Seals | McMaster-Carr

Split Rotary Shaft Seals. Swap out old seals without disassembling components— these seals come split for easy installation. They're also known as clipper seals. Shaft-Mounted Rotary Seals. Made from Buna-N for excellent resistance to oil and grease. Heavy Duty Shaft-Mounted Rotary Seals. These seals are fluoroelastomer, so they have excellent chemical resistance and …

Schwing Stetter Mobile Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps

Mobile Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps - Product InformationOur mobile truck mounted concrete pumps range from the two axle S20 with a 20 metre vertical reach to the 5 axle S61SX with a huge area in which in can place concrete and a towering vertical reach of 61 metres. With a large range of boom lengths and configurations, these popular, versatile machines are ideal for the majority of concrete placement applications including low to medium rise building, foundations, slabs and many civil engineering projects. Product Information.

Schwing Stationary Trailer Mounted Concrete Pumps

Stationary Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump - Product InformationThese machines range from the SP305, ideal for all foundations and residential slabs through to the SP8800 which pumps the concrete to the top of the tallest structures in the world. Rather than having an inbuilt placing boom of a predetermined length, these can be connected to any length of pipe to place concrete directly or via a separate placing boom. So far no length of pipe has ever proved too much for Schwing - including the Gothard tunnel where we comfortably pumped concrete over 4km. Product Information.

Schwing Stationary Truck Mounted Pump

Stationary Truck Mounted Spec - Product InformationThe SPT series are like our trailer pumps but mounted on a truck chassis of your choice. Our engineers are experienced at not only mounting these on a range of chassis, they will also customise your setup to include storage for all your pipework and other accessories so you've always got everything you need in the one mobile package. Always be ready for the next job with a Schwing Stationary Truck Mounted Pump and accessories. Product Information.

Truck Mixer Concrete Pumps Truck Mixer Concrete Pumps

These machine which combine a truck mixer, a concrete pump and a placing boom all in one package are ideal for supplying especially small construction sites with concrete in a quick, simple and cost-efficient way. Product Information.